From Principal’s Desk

From Principal's Desk!

Welcome to the Noida College of Physical Education (N.C.P.E.). I am honored to be associated with such an outstanding body, offering quality education to eager and enthusiastic students.
The staff of Noida College of Physical Education is caring, supportive and value each of our students as individuals with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities. With faculty guidance our graduates become informed, responsible and productive citizens.
Since most of our students furnish their education, or curriculum is geared to be challenging and stimulating. We will continue to offer the more traditional scheduling format which provides for more time in each academic class, thus allowing for more concentrated instruction in the core areas of teaching and learning.
This approach to education maximized achievement each year and contributes to several students being selected to prestigious institutions for further study and job.

Several students participated in community service activities, as well as in several school productions. Our students also excel athletically, and are strongly encouraged to be part of the ongoing tradition of pride and excellence that exists here at NCPE.
With international level Wrestling, Wushu, Kabaddi, Basketball and many national level players, and several other tournament bound teams, our athletes perform at a highly competitive level. They value teamwork and sportsmanship as a way of expanding their horizons.
We are committed to producing quality teachers and technocrats for which our team is dedicated and hardworking. The tradition of excellence at Noida College of Physical Education is one which we can be proud of.
(Dr. Pratibha Gupta)

Course Duration ELIGIBILITY
 B.P.Ed.  2 Year  Graduation (min. 45% and Sports Certificate)
 M.P.Ed.  2 Years  B.P.Ed. (min. 55%)
 M.Phil (Phy. Edu.)  1 Year  M.P.Ed./M.P.E. (min. 55%)
 B.P.E.  3 Years  Intermediate Passed only
 M.P.E.  2 Years  B.P.E./B.P.Ed./B.Sc. (Phy. Edu.) (min. 50%)
 B.Ed. 2 Year  Graduation (Min. 45%)
 M.Ed.  1 Year  B.Ed. (Min. 55%).
 M.Phil (Edu.)  1 Year  M.A(Ed)/M.Ed. (Min. 55%)
 BA BEd. 4 Years  Intermediate Min. (45%)
 M.A. (Education)  2 Years  Graduation (Min. 50%)
 B.C.A. 3 Years  Intermediate (Min.45%) with Maths
 B.B.A.  3 Years  Intermediate (Min.45%)
 B.P.Ed.(Integrated Course)  4 Years  Intermediate (passed)
 M.B.A.  2 Years  Graduation (passed)
 M.C.A.  2 Years  Graduation (passed)
 B.A.(Pass)   2 Years  Intermediate (passed)
 B.Com.(Pass)  2 Years  Intermediate (passed)