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Any student interested in getting his/her admission cancelled is required to fill a Performa available from the College Office and submit it to the Coordinator Admission Committee. After this date, a student may withdraw from the College by making an application to Principal intimating of withdrawal. Otherwise they will be liable to pay the fee of the period for which their name remains on the rolls.
  1. For the cancellation of admission, a candidate has to apply in the prescribed form duly signed by him/her and counter signed by his/her parent/guardian at respective college.
  2. The candidate has to enclose the original fee receipt & photocopy of “No-Due” (Original submit at respective college) along with the form.
  3. Refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the ID card, original fee receipt and the dues clearance certificate.
  4. Application and Examination fees, wherever applicable, once remitted shall not be refunded under any circumstances.


  1. Non-Liability: Prospectus Application form and all other Admission Correspondence will be self-submitted or sent by Post/Courier. NCPE is not responsible for Postal/Courier delays or loss in transit.
  2. Non-refund of fees: All fees once paid are not refundable for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Cancellation of Admission: NCPE reserves its right to cancel the admission of successful candidate under any of the following circumstance:
    1. a) If the fees is not deposited by the stipulated date.
    2. b) If the candidate does not join the particular program by the stipulated date even though the fee has been deposited.
    3. c) If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualifications.
    4. d) If any instance of donation/unfair means is found after admission.
    5. e) If any of the document(s) submitted by you to NCPE is found to be forged, fabricated or false during the period of your study, your admission shall be cancelled immediately and fees shall be forfeited. In case you complete the course and obtain the degree on the basis of documents which are later found to be forged, fabricated or false, at any point of time, your degree shall be cancelled/recalled.
  4. Right of Alteration/Modification:
    1. NCPE reserves its right to alter or modify the structure of any of the programs to attain the objective of excellence.
    2. NCPE reserves its right to change the provided Fee structure.
    3. NCPE reserves its right to modify, alter/or include any other Terms and Conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.
  5. Limitation Clause: No dispute shall be raised after the expiry of 30 days from the date on which the process of admission and/or selection is completed.
  6. Agreement Clause: All successful candidates shall be bound by the above mentioned Terms & Conditions of NCPE.