Instructions For Students


Removal from the College

The Principal is empowered to remove the name of a student from the college rolls if, in the opinion of the Principal, he/she:

  1. is grossly irregular in attendance or
  2. is not amenable to the college discipline or
  3. is guilty of gross negligence in studies or
  4. is not found fit for the course chosen by him/ her or (v) has not paid College dues in time.


A student, whose name is removed from the college rolls for non-payment of fees or another reason, maybe permitted re-admission at the discretion of the Principal on written request by the student.

Such re-admission shall be on payment of re-admission fees, arrears of tuition fees, and fines after the permissions granted.


Attendance is compulsory for all the students. The student will not be allowed to appear in the examination if his/her attendance is below 75% percentage.

Students are advised to attend the classes regularly.

  1. Attendance will be counted from the date of commencement of teaching.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to collect information about his/her attendance from the concerned teachers within the first week of the month.

Library Card

Students need to furnish their fee receipt and the college Identity Card to become a member of the library. The library card is non- transferable.


Students are not permitted to receive or entertain visitors in the college. In case of extreme urgency, they must seek prior permission from the Principal / Administrative Officer.

Residential Address

In case of a change in residential address, the same must be intimated in writing under the signature of parents/guardians to the college office without delay.